INR 2,900.00

Duration 1 month

Plan Details

An Asylum Membership gives you access to the most well-equipped hacker space with unparalleled facilities.

  1. Use our space to bring your ideas to fruition with help and support from our Maker crew.
  2. Meet and network with others just like you. No one is a misfit here.
  3. Use the latest high tech equipment such as 3D Printers, Laser Cutter, Power Tools, Electronics Tools and many more.
  4. Join and access our global community of Makers and take part in Events, Workshops, Forums/Discussion Boards, Community build groups, and of course, our smashing Parties.
  5. Reach out to our huge community on various social platforms and get your projects and creations featured. Ask for help and receive feedback and advise.
  6. Free WiFi and Bean bags to sink into reading books from our Library.

Disclaimer - This is a recurring membership and it will be your responsibility to write to 5 days before the renewal of your plan to cancel it. Maker's Asylum will not be held liable for any refunds if you do not inititiate this request in time. 

Fee Details
Membership fees INR 2,378.00
GST INR 522.00
Total INR 2,900.00
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